ROCGroup is a 100% Minority Own Business!.

RixonOCGroup Management Consulting, LLC specializes in organizational development, catering to the unique needs of businesses. Our comprehensive range of services includes customer service training, leadership and management programs, and promoting diversity and inclusion in dynamic work environments. Our primary mission is to bridge gaps and nurture human resource assets, empowering individuals to flourish and make meaningful contributions to their organizations.

Our Vision

One of the foremost minority-owned consulting firms is dedicated to empowering individuals to achieve excellence through the application of practical methodologies for our clients. Our focus is on providing expertise and guidance, rather than merely supplying resources. We prioritize strategic partnerships, actively taking on projects from their conceptualization to full implementation. This approach allows us to deliver tangible and identifiable business benefits in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

Our Mission

Fostering Leadership Excellence by applying best practice solutions to each client.

Your Trusted Choice

We believe that one mark of our professionalism is our ability to approach each opportunity with an open mind of respect for the client. Each industry has different requirements and each organization within an industry has its own special position and management style. We tailor our approach to each client by investigating each situation objectively and design assistance accordingly to suit the specific needs of the client. All assignments are carried out to the highest professional and ethical standards. Our client's information is always held in the strictest of confidence because we believe word of mouth marketing and repeat business is OUR best business model.