ROC Group-GHANA, Limited

At RixonOCGroup Consulting, our mission and vision transcend borders as we are committed to fostering leadership excellence through the development of human resources (people). This fundamental principle remains consistent regardless of the geographical location. While we offer our services in the USA, we have also customized and tailored specific offerings for RixonOCGroup Ghana, Ltd., ensuring that our approach meets the unique needs and requirements of clients in that region. Our goal is to empower individuals and organizations in both locations to achieve excellence through our specialized consulting services and expertise.

Strategic Partnerships:

Through strategic partnerships, ROCG-G, Ltd. offers innovative business solutions to navigate the dynamic global marketplace. Our primary focus is on leadership development, aiming to enhance organizational effectiveness across various sectors, including customer relationship management. Dr. Campbell's profound expertise within the hospitality and tourism industry infuses a unique passion into our service space. We firmly believe that organizations reach their full potential when their most valuable assets, their people, are well-trained and empowered. With increasing customer demands from service providers, we are dedicated to bridging the gap and elevating service standards. In addition to our core offerings, we also provide educational coaching and recruiting services for international scholars, along with specialized programs in diversity, inclusion, and cultural sensitivity training. These comprehensive services allow us to cater to diverse needs and contribute to creating inclusive and high-performing organizations in today's globalized world.
At the Ghana branch of RixonOCGroup, Dr. Campbell leads the consulting team as the lead consultant. This team is composed of diverse professionals with a wealth of experience in leadership and international management coaching/training, amounting to over 60 combined years of expertise. Their extensive background enables them to provide clients with a comprehensive array of services, catering to various organizational needs and challenges. With such a well-rounded team, RixonOCGroup Ghana is well-equipped to deliver high-quality and impactful consulting solutions to their valued clients.

Training for the Hospitality & Tourism Industry to Meet International Standards:

Service industries, such as banking, hospitality, and tourism, play a crucial role in the economic development of many countries. The impact on a company’s bottom line is evident when employees are not adequately trained to perform essential service functions. At RixonOCGroup Ghana Ltd., we boast years of expertise in developing staff to operate at their best.

The ultimate goal of every service provider should be to exceed the expectations of their guests and clients. Delivering seamless customer service directly contributes to enhancing the company’s bottom line. In Ghana, like in many developing economies, the service sector, particularly tourism, serves as a significant medium for leveraging economic development.

Ghana is well-positioned to be a leader in the service industry, but achieving this requires essential capacity building, especially within the hospitality and tourism sector, which is recognized as an economic engine for development. Comprehensive training and development programs should encompass all touchpoints within the hospitality value chain. To fully realize this potential and maximize growth opportunities, prioritizing intentional planning for the training and development of human resources becomes imperative.



Personality Type Assessments

According to researchers, leadership is not only a moral responsibility but also an intellectual capability to envision and strive for what is best for both the company and its employees. A key aspect of understanding how individuals interact lies in comprehending their personality types. Developing others is crucial for achieving organizational effectiveness. Furthermore, a profound understanding of oneself as a leader empowers one to effectively lead and drive positive change within the organization.

Recent Work

Some of our most recent case studies.

Security and Conflict Resolution:

In West Africa, addressing security issues and conflicts is recognized as one of the most critical existential challenges. To combat these threats, we provide comprehensive solutions through our training, coaching, and policy development services, catering to both the private and government sectors. Our expertise spans across the following key areas: [list the specific areas here]. By offering these specialized services, we aim to contribute to the region's stability and progress in dealing with these pressing security concerns.
  • Cybersecurity

  • Journalism

  • Educational Institution

  • Health Care

  • Oil and Gas Industry

  • Other sectors