Study in Turkey

We are recruiting students to study almost any program of their choice at top private Turkish Universities (60) from undergraduate studies to Ph.D. Scholarships are available to most programs.


At RixonOC Group, we offer a fusion of organizational / leadership development for ALL sectors, hospitality and tourism management training to service industries, providing practical solutions to an ever trans-formative environment and international students recruiting to study at select universities in the USA and Turkey.

ROCGroup, Ghana, LTD.

RixonOCGroup,Ghana (ROC-G) LTD was registered March of 2018 to provide a wide range of services to Ghana and the Continent in general. Ghana is positioned as a leader in West Africa. Our mission is "fostering leadership excellence" by applying research-proven best practices and practical solutions to leadership development.

ROCGroup Study Abroad

Studying abroad requires careful strategic planning. For several years ROCG has recruited international from the Caribbean, Africa, and Mexico on scholarships to the United States to pursue their dream of higher education, now, we have now expanded to TURKEY, CANADA, UK and GERMANY.

About the CEO

Dr. Rixon O Campbell Sr.,(DBA) has over a decade of experience in organizational effectiveness, leadership, diversity/inclusion, management, and operations. He has always held people's development and excellence in high regard.

His educational background includes a Bachelor’s in Hospitality Management from Bethune Cookman University, FL a Master’s in Organizational Management from St. Joseph’s College, NY and a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA.) with a focus in Management & Marketing from Argosy University-Atlanta and Graduate Certificate in Hospitality and Tourism Management from Florida International University.

Training and Development for the Hospitality and Tourism Industry

Training for the hospitality industry is diverse. Basic skills include communication and ways to interact with the hotel guests.

Leadership Development

Leadership styles have both advantages and drawbacks. If you know your leadership style, you can use its advantages to...

Organizational Development: 3CS

The lifecycle of your organization involves training and re-training to have the best assets, people and technology.

Security and Peace / Conflict Resolutions

Peace-building and Diplomacy explores the link between national and global security and the role of peace-building in developing a nation is very paramount.